Because, Thursday is the new Friday 

Snatching souls and saving lives in....



9:00 PM EST

Proudly invading your homes, raiding your fridge and drinking the last of your wine, we are:

just us girls

Brianne Patrice @briannepatrice 

Patrice Nicole @liberated0ne

just us girls

...your sisters! Your girlfriends! Your ride or die! Your alibi in case your man decides to try you on this day. Your voice of reasoning on a good day, but devil's advocate on a well deserved day of petty

We are the best of both worlds because *cue drumrolls* we get it! 

We understand what it means to be a woman, a black woman keeping her head above water, making a wave where you...(RIP James)


No, but really we understand what it means to love and want to kill someone at the same time. How it feels to be undervalued at work and under appreciated at home.

Thus, for the sake of mental health and trying to keep the crime rate at an all time low, join us each and every Thursday night for a little sophistication (just a little because we get enough of that shit at work), alot of ratcheticity and a whole bunch of wine drinking because lets face it, it's hard being a woman! 

Fun, but hard AF.

Therefore, call your girlfriends over. Order up your favorite pizza. Po' up....drank. (shout out to Kendrick), just don't pass out though. And gather around because we are moving in. (and we are the worst kind of house guests, just all up in your business). 

Chat soon, girl!


Brianne & Patrice

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