How to Use InstaStories to Build Your Brand

Visual Storytelling is the new content.

Hence you have YouTube, SnapChat and now Facebook Live! Even in the midst of all these platforms, Instagram is still the most powerful social media marketing tool to-date. 

Thus, as a small business owner. As an influencer and creativeprenuer, it is in your best interest to capitalize on all of the features and tools they have readily made available to you. 

Including, InstaStories!

Connection YIELDS Conversion

Day 1: Humanize Your Brand

Day 2: Start a Conversation

Day 3: Attenion Please!

Day 4: Sharing is Caring

Day 5: Bring the Receipts 

What this 5 Day Challenge will consist of:

Fact of the matter is, NO ONE wants to be sold to all of the time. It is a major turn off. And if the only time your followers, your readers or your customers hear from you is when you are trying to dip into their pockets, you might as well just wrap it up! 

You have just lost their respect. Their trust. AND their business. 

Thus, you MUST humanize your brand.

Each day, for the next FIVE days a new and exciting activity will be delivered to your inbox that will allow you to interact with your followers on a more personal level. 

**These are things that should be incorporated into your daily social media strategy!

So, you see that little button right there? Click it.

Grab all the embarrassing stories you promised yourself you would never tell. Leave that crust in your eyes. Is that the smell of morning breath? Even better!

Are you ready?

Because, I am!

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